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That is who we are.

Developing innovative digital product solutions is one of the central tasks of  iPUBLISH GmbH. With our apps we are among the most important providers of travel-related applications and at the same time offer location-based services for a wide variety of technological platforms, topics and customers. iPUBLISH belongs to the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE, one of the leading media companies in Germany.






Mobile is queen.

The insight is not new – yet highly topical every single day: Digital media products have become established as an integral part of daily media consumption. Ever since smartphones have had such success with people of all ages the world of digital information has more and more come to cover mobile applications. iPUBLISH exploits this potential: we are specialised in creating and implementing mobile product solutions individually according to customer requirements. The high-quality content of our publishing brands provides a unique added value for each application – which you directly pass on to your customers.








Content is king.

The basis for the digital preparation and use of editorial content is Europe’s largest combined travel and event database, which contains the information of MERIAN, DER FEINSCHMECKER, PRINZ, POLYGLOTT and further brands in the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE. This database lays the foundation for a range of opportunities for cooperation with companies in the automotive, tourism, electronics, consumer goods or retail industry. Together with our partners we develop innovative solutions and find new, intelligent ways of making the lives of mobile people more comfortable, varied and exciting.



APPsolutely fabulous – the campaign page for premium apps.

It’s time to party! Already more than 300,000 users are availing themselves of the apps of the premium brands MERIAN scout, FÜR SIE, PRINZ, POLYGLOTT, SCHNEEHÖHEN or DER FEINSCHMECKER. iPUBLISH celebrates this fact on its campaign page “APPsolutely fabulous“. Here, every week, smartphone users can find new campaigns and competitions centered on the apps of the publishing brands: http://appparty.ipublish.de/






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