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With us you are on the right track.

iPUBLISH has more than 20 years of experience in handling POIs and event data for in-car navigation and telematic services for the automotive industry. Thanks to long-standing partnerships we possess a high level of competence in software development and integration; as part of the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE we have access to all the editorial and multimedia content and market brands like MERIAN, DER FEINSCHMECKER, PRINZ and POLYGLOTT.







With us navigation is more than just arriving.

In the field of travel applications for navigation systems the multimedia travel and topic guides run on the mobile systems of TomTom, Navigon, Garmin and Medion as well as on permanently installed systems in for example Opel, BMW or Volkswagen cars. In addition iPUBLISH supplies content for mobile applications of the automotive brands. For all mobil solutions we are the right partner at your side.






Are you still driving a car – or are you already travelling?

iPUBLISH provides high-quality MERIAN scout and DER FEINSCHMECKER content via the BOSCH DVD 800 / 900 NAVI for the General Motors series of vehicles in Europe, like Opel and Vauxhall. The content embraces travel information in 18 languages, for over 20,000 different cities and regions in 36 European countries. The user can start a location-dependent search for individual POIs (Points of Interest) – and hence select the elegant hotel, the cosy restaurant or the historic sight already during the car journey. In this way driving becomes a new form of arrival.



We keep you mobile.

iPUBLISH also offers content for mobile solutions – and supplies tourist data encompassing about 100 destinations in Europe for the OPEL FlexApp. Moreover, the app of our partner YOC comes with attractive additional features such as a car park finder, a mood music player or a shopping list. And all that in five languages. Why not download the OPEL FlexApp now free of charge:







Become a travel guide in a trice.

For many years iPUBLISH and Mercedes Benz have been successfully working together to provide navigation systems with content from MERIAN scout and DER FEINSCHMECKER. A new download product is going online: The Becker MAP PILOT converts the Mercedes radio into a powerful and comfortable navigation system – iPUBLISH supplies the appropriate TravelGuides for easy download.


Europe on demand.

Via the Becker Content Manager the users can download tourist content from MERIAN scout and DER FEINSCHMECKER for their Becker MAP PILOT. Whether the motorist is searching for interesting background information on the most important sights, is interested in the most popular golf courses or would like to have a culinary guide through the top-class restaurants – the Becker MAP PILOT with additional iPUBLISH content not only has all the information at hand, but simultaneously navigates the user straight to the requested destination.







With us the destination is more than a destination.

More content, more value: BMW makes the MERIAN scout and DER FEINSCHMECKER travel gude content available to all BMW Connected Drive customers. If they want, the customers can have the desired information on the best hotels and restaurants displayed in the vehicle – and let themselves be guided directly to the destination. Via the personal BMW Assist telephone service, moreover, they have access to the entire travel guide content, like shopping opportunities, sights, theatres or dance venues.


Send-to-car? Sure!

Pilot your best friend, colleague or yourself to the café directly from the app? With the aid of the BMW “send-to-car” function it is possible to send individual POIs regarding selected MERIAN scout and DER FEINSCHMECKER apps from an iPhone directly to the car via the Connected Drive access. The sure-fire way to arrive.






On the road with the iPUBLISH database – at home in the world: In our database we concentrate all important information as well as picture and audio material on hotels, restaurants, sights, events and lots more besides. Much more. Hot from the presses. Worldwide. Multilingual. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our premium data from the big wide world!




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